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Doppler Relay guarantees the arrival of your Emails and allows you access detailed analytics in real time. Sending attached files, invoices, card statements and password resets has never been so easy, safe and effective. Discover the power of Transactional Email.

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What’s a Transactional Email?

It’s every email sent as a result of the interaction between a user and a website or an app. An email with the confirmation of an online purchase, one containing an attached invoice or one sent to reset a password, those are all Transactional Emails.

Why should I use Doppler Relay?

Faced with the necessity of sending Transactional Emails, an internal solution is not only highly expensive but doesn’t generate the best results regarding to deliverability and security either. Doppler Relay is the key to automatize processes, ensure arrivals and get detailed reports.


Access or download complete reports about the open, delivery, clicks and bounces of your Transactional Emails to make the most of them.

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Guarantee the safety of your Transactional Emails. Doppler Relay’s communications are encrypted by SSL protocol.

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Ensure the arrival of your Transactional Emails, properly and on time. Doppler Relay has a 98% Delivery Rate.

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Personalized Service

Get assistance from our full-time team. Our professionals will guide you to optimize the results of your Transactional Emails.

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Maintain a consistent corporate identity through all your communications. Doppler Relay lets you easily use templates for all your Transactional Emails.

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How to connect with Doppler Relay?

Easily connect your online store, CRM, application or website. Doppler Relay is really flexible and allows you to make your Transactional Emails shipments in 3 ways:


Make the most of the easiest and fastest way to connect with your app or website.

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Enjoy a greater flexibility when you are making your Transactional sendings.

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Send a large amount of Transactional Emails at the same time.

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Let us help you get the most important emails delivered and customized to your needs. Turn your plain text transactional email into highly branded and personalized messages. Forget the drudgery, save time and resources!

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